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Creating the best product in anything is hard, but, fortunately for us, as long as we have e-cigarettes people will try to claim the throne for ‘the best eliquid/MOD/etc’. We shall stand within the crowd and put their claim through testing and announce the results through blogging. One of the main issues I think is the industry’s full of these self-proclaimed professionals who think they have a palate as good as Michael Broadbent (wine tasting dude) and can judge what is the holy grail of ejuice and what is not.

There are so many issues here that I dislike. Too many bloggers get caught up in their own hype; they go from expressing their personal views to thinking their word is god! Start advising and over-critiquing on tiny ridiculous stuff. It’s like on the TV show Come Dine with Me, poor Jonny Three Fingers will be working on a coq au vin whilst Hawaiian shirt Thomas who drives a Porsche will mark him 5/10 because the bloody fork was laying on the wrong angle.

I’m all for research into a product before buying and looking for advice on flavours and hardware but we have to go for the stuff which really matters, not because the screws used on a MOD are 1mm bigger than that blogger likes.

Advertising is also a tricky one in this situation. There are a few bloggers who say as it is: if they don’t like the juice, they don’t like it. (This is a tough situation also because you can’t judge what they like and what you like. The blogger can describe it but at the end of the day you may not like a flavour which they find to be out of this world.)

But it’s corrupt when you have a blogger advertising and being paid for promoting a liquid. It loses all its worth and value as a blog from that point. With the ecig industry moving so fast it’s hard to keep up with each product and what flavours are out there. I think it is fair to say most of these points are common sense, but it is always good to be reminded that your favourite blogger ‘super sucker vape king’ might not be the most reliable guy out there!

Why do we use E-cigarettes?

Interesting question with a simple answer, right? I have been in the industry for many years now and have noticed one main problem: people care about their pockets more than their health!

Now, I was a smoker and if I’m totally honest I enjoy a cheeky ciggy when I’ve had a drink, so I currently smoke 5 out of 7 days.

But seriously, on the occasional weekend I will have a drink and do not mind having a puff or two whilst I accompany my mates in the smokers area. The best thing is being able to wake up in the morning even if I am dying from the alcohol and reaching for an ecig instead of that cigarette packet.

For me personally this is something I thought would never be able to happen. Firstly, giving up the smelly cigarettes and second, if I did have one, two or ten on a night out, I wouldn’t have any urges to reach for that nasty box the next day.

Now as I was saying, the reason for using e-cigarettes is simple. The main motive before anything else is your health. Purposes following this would include the money saving from the switch, being free from smelly smoke, and let’s face it — it’s less tacky.

I think cigarette smoking is more frowned upon these days. We are growing as a nation, becoming more mature if you will! Remember those days when you would jump in a car and seriously, who the hell put on a seat belt? Now if you don’t do it, you get shouted at by everyone including the freeking car, it starts this crazy beep and lets the driver know there is mutiny on board with the rebel who won’t pop on a seatbelt. Throwing your plastics and rubbish into one bin, you see where I’m going with this? I will say, though, whatever your reasons to stop smoking, who cares? As long as you have made that change!

I don’t want to be one of those blogs that tells you the same stuff over and over and essentially looks like any other e-cig ‘why you should stop smoking’ blog. I will give you a run over though of a couple key things which I personally needed to hear.

Now the major negative in a cigarette isn’t the nicotine — it’s the chemicals, carcinogens and tar. A high majority of smokers who changeover saw their ‘smokers cough’ get better with only 5% saying it got worse. I personally feel some of these people may have not researched or looked into what strength ejuice they should be on or purchased the incorrect device. Ecigs have now been officially backed up as 95% safer than smoking, this has grabbed the attention of the NHS who are now recommend the switch.

Bored? Here’s a picture of a llama to keep you interested.

Llama for if you're bored

The Age of the Shortfill

The great benefit of shortfill if you have not ventured into it already is that we have that freedom again. You know, that freedom of being able to buy an amount which could sustain us for at least a week.

The depression of going into a vape store or online and only being able to purchase 3 x 10ml and knowing you are being robbed of quantity. What on earth was that about? We were stuck in a rut with the 10ml bottles and the 2ml tanks. Thank the llama for the legends who bring us extendable tanks and shortfills and nic-shots.

So what we have now is a 0mg ejuice which will be put into various size bottles with room to pour in your nicotine (which you buy separately). So an example of this would be a 60ml bottle purchased would contain 50ml of 0mg ejuice.

Most short fills allow enough room in the same bottle to bring your e-liquid to 3mg mixed. If you need a higher strength, simply distribute your 50ml of liquid into a 100 ml bottle (usually Chubby Gorilla) — this will now allow you to put as many nic shots in as you need! There are charts and information on how to get these perfect amounts on tons of websites (LINK FOR OUR WEBSITE) here is a quick link to Ejuiced nic chart.

Side Note

I will pre warn any reader who may not have been in the game very long that shortfill products mainly focus on the higher end mods or sub-ohming setups. That basically means if you are using a device usually 1.0ohm or below, I would say around 0.6/0.5ohm then your device would not be suitable due to the VG/PG ratio (we will get into that, don’t worry). But if you are using anything above 1.0ohm then you will be best sticking to the higher PG due to the liquid being thinner.

The Tobacco Products Directive

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) acts as a body to regulate the fast-moving vaping industry. It’s brought in some regulations which are thankfully being questioned. With substantial proof being brought forward and questioned in the correct manner we are fighting back against unnecessary regulations. One of the main topics were based around health, we have now shown evidence on the benefits from the switch. Other regulations range from manufacturing to labelling and packaging. All products have to be tested to ensure the safety and quality of all products are to the highest standard — this I welcome. We needed this as too many kitchen chefs were knocking up some bath tub liquids and selling it on.

But on to the shortfill again, I think some regulations are unnecessary especially the one we all dislike: nicotine-containing ejuices can only be sold in 10ml bottles. On the other hand, I kind of like the DIY feel to mixing up shortfills. Getting a separate bottle and combining flavours is something I would have never done. Usually you go in a store or online, order your bits and bobs and that’s it. Whereas now when I’m half way through pouring strawberry and cream I might throw a sugar donut in there too as well as the nic. It’s made me more adventurous which sometimes has it’s down sides but 90% of the time it’s a great mix. Pop the top from one of your 10ml bottles and you now have your sample testing pot.

Flavour Town

I would like to set up a separate column/page eventually on ejuiced to see what you guys enjoy as the best flavours out there. If you want to comment on some of your funky flavours please feel free and I will give it a try. If it becomes popular I will ask the website guys to set this up! I just love the flavours which you can make and purchase and how some of these eliquids are so sweet and so close to the real thing! Shame I still have to have the real damn thing after.

I would also like to know in the comments if any of you have actually used ejuice as substitute for actual sweet cravings? We all know it is helpful to stop smoking and a heck of a lot of people have managed to do that switch including myself (hi-fives). But I haven’t seen people and companies try the angle of totally switching your sweet tooth cravings off for the flavour substitute. I agree the taste is there and the sweetness is good, but has anyone actually used ecigs as a dietary substitute? It makes sense for changing from smoking as it has your nicotine there. Eliquid technically doesn’t have any calories and it would make sense, so please let me know your story if so or if you have even tried to do this?

I would love to offer myself as a subject and say I will do the experiment, but I just love food too much to commit to a vape diet. (When I say vape diet I think we all know I mean, using sweet vape liquids for your dessert cravings, not giving up your meals for a vape. It’s not the new vaping world diet with your poxey ‘syns’. That probably will become a fad one day however, 25 puffs equals one syn.)

The TPD vs. Shortfills

So another question up in the air at the moment is if the TPD regulations will stop shortfill products. Basically everyone is still finding their feet in the industry and it’s extremely hard to judge where the industry will go. This is mainly because the regulation is fresh and the regulators are still finding out about the industry. The regulations were on all nicotine based products so the shortfills are all 0mg being sold above 10ml this is legal and the nicotine shots are 10mg so this should stick for a while unless they decide to target this method of selling, however it doesn’t look like they will be.

I will keep you posted on all future movements within the vaping industry, the latest being with the NHS — studies have shown risk of cancer is less than 1% and that vaping is 95% safer than traditional cigarettes and contributes to 20,000 new quits each year. This misconception had many people on the fence and there were talks about the NHS supplying or GP’s offering out ecigs on the NHS. However, I would not hold your breath for that one; the industry is moving fast enough that by the time they license a product, the product will be dated.

That’s a wrap!